Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun Gifts Ideas to Make Life Simpler for Your Single Friends

What can you give to your single friends that they’ll like? You don’t want to give the same old boring gifts that just lie in the closet. A truly thoughtful gift takes into consideration the activities and lifestyle of your friends.

Here are some ideas that will make life simpler for your single friends:

Gift certificates or cards are always in style. It could be to their favorite bookstore, coffee shop, nail salon or spa treatment. Even some year-round farmer’s markets, (Ecology Center Farmers' Market is one example), have gift certificates, which is very welcome to friends who enjoy eating and cooking the freshest foods.

Tickets to their favorite events would be welcome, too. Whether they love sports, music, or the arts we have them all here in California. (If you don’t want the hassle of coordinating this, Simplify’s concierge service can arrange it for you.)

Are your single friends trying to eat healthier? Why not gift them a fruit-of-the-month club., and are some here on the west coast you can check out.

Have you noticed their refrigerator is usually bare? A gift certificate to a grocery shopping service or to a meal delivery service would guarantee that they eat well.

A case of their favorite beverage would go over big. Whether they love wine, beer, or specialty teas, this is a gift they’ll use and enjoy.

Make a voucher for something you can do together. Leave it open as to their choice, but you could suggest a visit to a spa, a class, a book club or new-recipe club to join, etc. This will be especially appreciated if your friend is newly single.

An invitation to join your family may be the best gift of all, especially if they’ll be alone this holiday season. Including them as ‘part of the family’ will go over big.

When you’ve visited their home, have you noticed that there’s some household chore that they hate to do? Why not give them a gift certificate to a home concierge service? That way they can use it for whatever task they desire. If they live in the Silicon Valley, contact us at Simplify for a truly unique gift!

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