Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thoughtful Gifts for Busy Moms and Dads

Busy moms and dads appreciate anything that saves time and makes life easier.  So think about what your busy moms and dads need. Is it help in the kitchen, on the job, or just something fun to make their commute more enjoyable?

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas you may not of have considered before:

A chest freezer may not be romantic but it can save busy moms and dads a lot of time and money.  They can simply repackage the bargain-sized packages into single meal sized packages using a vacuum-sealing machine.  The savings are huge especially when purchasing meat.  And when your busy mom or dad cooks, it’s just as easy to make two dinners and freeze one for later.  Another great help would be a Slow Cooker and Slow Cooker Cookbook.

Create a voucher for a cooking club made of four friends with similar family size and tastes. Once every three months, each person  shops for enough groceries to make a favorite dinner recipe – one to keep and three to share – totaling 4 dinners apiece.  Meet at a designated kitchen to assemble dinners together and share in the clean up.  Not only is it a fun afternoon of friends being together, but it also creates four easy, diverse dinners for each person to take home, plus a collection of new recipes.
Custom create a gourmet gift of the month club. Choose from wine, beer, chocolate, fruit, flowers, and so much more.
What about new technology that will make life easier for a busy parent?
  • A great gadget for accurate note taking is the Livescribe Smartpen and Dot Paper. It records what you hear as you take notes and synchronizes the two. Simply touch the pen to a word in your notes and it will play back the recording at that point.
  • With the impressive amount of Apps available, you’ll find one just right for busy moms and dads. Here’s one for those who struggle with carpooling schedules. On the go people will appreciate Dragon Dictation that converts speech into an email, reminder or text message hands free.
  • Noise Canceling Headphones like the ones from Bose cut down on distractions so the busy mom or dad can concentrate on 100 Greatest Classics preloaded on MP3 player.
Don’t forget to give them the best gift of all – more time to spend with loved ones.  When you hire professionals to care for the to-do list, it creates that time.  Contact us at Simplify if your special busy mom or dad lives in the Silicon Valley and we’ll set it up for you or you can purchase a gift certificate they can use however they wish!

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